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Advantages of Including Honey In Our Daily Schedule!
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02 Nov 2018

1. Honey has important Nutrients

Honey, which is a sweet thick liquid contains bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants. High Quality honey especially has very important 

antioxidants which include organic acids, and flavonoids. Scientists are theorizing that the combination of these compounds are what gives

honey its great antioxidant power. 

Antioxidants reduce heart attacks, strokes and some cancer types while promoting the health of your eyes. 

2. Honey is better than sugar for diabetics, but it does not mean that it helps diabetics

Honey can reduce a lot of risk factors for heart disease common in people with diabetes type 2. It can lower bad LDL cholesterol, inflammation, 

triglycerides and also raise good HDL cholesterol. 

Still you need to consume honey with caution as a diabetic because honey contains sugar and if you eat a lot of it you risk hurting yourself. 

Some honey even have artificial sugar so diabetics must especially be careful around this!

3. Honey helps coughs and allergies

Since Honey has anti-inflammatory effects this gives it the ability to reduce coughs and also reduce allergy symptoms. However there is still no

clinical study proving that it reduces allergies. The fact that it helps in reducing coughs and has an anti-inflammatory effect is what makes

scientists and doctors believe that it has the ability to reduce allergy symptoms.

4. Honey aids in boosting your memory 

Due to honeys antioxidants, honey may have the ability to prevent cellular damage and loss within the brain. In 2011 there was a study published

in Menopause which found that having a spoonful of honey daily may boost postmenopausal women's memory. 

Honey also has the ability to absorb calcium which helps in aiding brain health.

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