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Nigeria’s Largest Online Shopping Mall

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SME9ja is a Nigeria’s Number One Online Shopping Mall with latest technology to make buying and selling easy!

SME9ja’s mission is to ensure that buyers and sellers have the best experience buying and selling in the Nigerian economy. SME9ja will innovate online shopping in Nigeria, as SME9ja’s core focus is bringing innovative technology to local sellers at affordable prices. Sellers can showcase the website we provide them to anyone and at the same time have traffic diverted to their goods, services and events. We will be providing different templates to sellers from which they can choose whichever pleases them the most; we are starting with 10 templates.

Shopping is all about having a wonderful experience and that is the aim of SME9ja. With creative and beautiful technology, great prices, and amazing features, our buyers and sellers will have a one of a kind experience.

You can shop for Electronics, Fashion, Home ware, Games, Appliances and much more!

Find Products, Trade Leads, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, and Manufacturers through our online shopping mall.

If you are also an Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier then register now as a seller! Registering as a seller has never been easier just hit the SME9ja seller registration page and deposit 2,000 Nigerian Naira into our FIRST BANK account which you can find in the FOR SELLERS page.

With SME9ja we take Online Shopping in Nigeria to the next level by providing Online Shopping Websites to each of the sellers registered on our platform.

Buy Product, Services and Event Online

You will be able to not only see the product they are selling but also learn about the business and see other products, services, or events they might be selling as every business on our platform has their own website.

Since we do not charge our sellers a commission on the sale our prices are as lowest in the market. We even encourage our sellers to constantly give great discounts and to always maintain the quality of the products that they are selling.

All you need to do when you see a product you like is click on the call now button and you will instantly be in contact with the seller of the item you like. If you like or do not like the product then be sure to leave a review so that other buyers can have an idea on what to expect from the seller of this item. The more buyers interact with the system the less scamming can happen.

Finding products has never been easier as you have a search engine that will get you any product you are trying to search for. At the same time you have different catalog pages for different industries which is designed in a way to give you ease as you are scrolling through the menu.

We have ensured to put as many filters as possible and to organize the system as much as we can in order for you to be able to navigate and find exactly what it is you are looking for in the shortest amount of time possible.

As a buyer you should also be rest assured that we are constantly setting new policies and rules to keep scammers away from the system. We do advise that you never pay unless you received the item and confirm it is what you have ordered for. We also advice if you are meeting the seller somewhere to meet somewhere in public.

You can also save any of the products, services, or events that you like by clicking on the favorite icon. Anytime you login back to the platform you can go to the favorites menu and see all the items you have moved into the cart in the past and get in touch with the person selling them.

As a seller you have access to the accounting & inventory management system which provides you book keeping, invoicing, asset management, tax management, theft control and much more.

You also get access to our analytics system which provides you insights to how well your products, services, and events are performing. With Business Intelligence you can even understand literally every segment of your business. You can know where your expenses are being spent, and which of your customers good customers of yours are.

You are also getting our Tour system which is available on each page of the system. The tour system is an interactive way of teaching you how to use each section of the system. It is very easy to use and makes learning the SME9ja system much easier and fun.

If the tours are not enough to help you learn the system you can also use our help center which has a lot of articles about the system and how to use it.

We are also working on a Ticket Reporting system where you will be able to report issues you are facing (bugs, payment problems and more). For the time being you can simply contact or email us for any issues you are facing with the system.

The best part of it is that as a seller you are getting all these features which are linked together for the simple price of 2,000 Naira Monthly!

To our buyers and sellers what is also important to note is that SME9ja is developed with performance in mind. We know how annoying and expensive the internet in Nigeria can be so we ensured that the system loads in the shortest amount of time possible with the least amount of megabytes consumed.

We have also ensured that SME9ja can open seamlessly on any device from smart phones to tablets to Desktops and Laptops. Literally any device is more than capable of running SME9ja while having a great User Interface and flow on each device.

SME9ja is also going to be providing future features that include CHAT BOTS, AI Business Management Solutions, and Mapping Mode display for all products, services, and events.

SME9ja is here to empower SMEs in Africa with the latest tools and technologies to both manage and promote their business at the lowest level cost possible.

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