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For Sellers: E-Commerce Website + Content Management System
For Sellers: Business, Products, Services, & Events Listing
For Sellers: Accounting Management System
For Sellers: Invoice Management System
For Sellers: Inventory Management System
For Sellers: Tax Management System
For Sellers: SME9ja: Help Tours (English, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa)
For Buyers: BGSE Search Hub
For Buyers & Sellers: PAYSAFE
SME9ja’s Mission
  • SME9ja is an all-in-one cloud kit that helps SMEs promote and manage their businesses.
  • SME9ja’s mission is to ensure that buyers and sellers have the best experience buying and selling in the Nigerian economy.
  • SME9ja is here to take online shopping in Nigeria to the next level by focusing on the local sellers who are the SMEs!
  • Sellers can sell online to everyone and safely handle transactions. Sellers can design their websites to have a unique look and feel to attract the customers they want to sell to. We will be designing more than 100 website templates for all Industries. Right now, we are starting with 10 templates.
  • Sellers have access to a beautiful, easy to use, a responsive back office that manages all of their business operations.
  • As a business owner, you can easily manage all of your expenses, income, stock, and warehouses. It even takes care of your accounting and inventory. It also has a business intelligence system that provides you with key insights into your business at the tip of your fingers.
  • Sellers, the best thing about this is all of this can be done through your mobile phone!
  • SME9ja is responsive, secure, and will manage your whole business, so you can rest at night.
  • Now for our amazing and awesome buyers! You are the reason we built this platform! We are here to give you an amazing shopping experience in Nigeria. We want you to be able to access stores containing everything at your fingertips. We want you to have the best experience you’ve ever had! We started our platform in Nigeria because we are here to make Nigeria’s online shopping experience the best.
  • You will see how easy it is to use our search engine to find businesses, goods, services, and events at your convenience.
  • You’ll have access to many websites from a variety of sellers, each with a beautiful website theme.
  • We know how much Nigeria loves beauty and therefore we want to bring beauty to Nigeria.
  • We believe in our most blessed and great nation.
  • We know buyers and sellers will help make this great platform! Our goal is to build a family-friendly market.
  • We want our market to always be safe, honorable, and good.
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Buyers Features


  • Find Businesses, Products, Services, Events from Nigerian Businesses & Sellers Nationwide.
  • Best prices with loads of discounts!
  • Come and Chop AWOOF!
  • Manage all orders with a simple click of a button.
  • Safe and Secure Delivery with SME9ja PAYSAFE.
Sellers/Businesses Features


  • E-commerce Website
  • Accounting & Inventory Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Tax Management
  • Pay Safe
  • Notification System
  • Support 24/7
  • Help System
  • Future Updates
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