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Where to buy catfish?  

You ask well you can buy catfish quickly, cheaply and affordably with SME9ja. With SME9ja you can shop for Fresh Vegetables. Our fresh vegetables include Fresh Broccoli, Fresh Radish, Fresh Cassava, Fresh Okra, Fresh Cucumber, and Fresh Ginger. You can also shop for Nuts & Kernels which include Cashew Nuts, Almonds, Betel Nuts, Peanuts, Chestnuts, and Shea butter Nuts. If you are looking for Plant & Animal Oil then login to SME9ja now as we have different kinds of oil. Some of the oils we have include Palm Oil and Coconut Oil. Shop for Plant Seeds & Bulbs. Shop for Grain. Our Grain includes Rice, Corn, Wheat, Organic Grain, and Maize. We also have Organic vegetables which are Celery and Spinach. Find also Fruits, Farm Machinery & Equipments, Animal Husbandry Equipments, and Agrochemicals.

Sellers That Sell Agriculture Products 

Rutej Farms is an agriculture business that provides the breeding, processing, packaging and selling of catfish. They package and sell foods like Honey, Crayfish, Egusi, Dry Pepper, Ogbono, and Snails. Their products are marketed under the brand name " Emys". The Emys brand is an affordable brand that gives you value for your money. They are a hygienically processed and packaged brand. They are delicious and are very tasty in your soups, vegetables, porridge, and other African delicacies. They are ready for immediate use and follow the process of "Pack to Pot". Their Emys smoked fish is hygienically processed and packaged in different categories such as Mini Carton, Standard Carton, Souvenir, Gift or party pack. Their products are prepared to suit your health.

Avlov foods are a food packaging and processing company that also provide exporting services in Lagos, Nigeria. They have been in business since the year 2013, and they are both NAFDAC and FDA approved. Their products include Chilli Peppers, Ginger Powder, Turmeric Powder, Hot Pepper, Pepper Soup Spice, Barbecue Spice, Ogbono, Crayfish Powder, Egusi, Dry Mushroom, Wheat Flour, Garri, and Plantain Flour. They are a leading food packaging and processing company that is both neatly and healthy prepared for your consumption. They are known for their hot flavor Chilli Peppers that are used primarily as a spice that is added to various dishes and foods. Just a little chilli from Avlov is ready to perk up your meal and give your pepper soup that lovely taste which makes it super delicious till the very end of your meal. It is used for fish pepper soup, chicken pepper soup, goat meat pepper soup, and dry dish pepper soup. Their hot pepper spices and brings out the real taste of every dish. Turmeric which is great for your health helps enhance the absorption of turmeric. It works as an anti-inflammatory, painkiller, reduces diabetic complications and helps you loose weight. Their crayfish flavor stock powder brings the best high-quality ingredients that help you enhance the flavor of any crayfish recipe.

NGOPATT Global Company is into the production of cash crops, production of fruits and great farm products like Plantain, Cassava, Okra, Yam, Cucumber, and Cocoa. They always use best farm practices to products goods which are to be sold to the market to consumers at affordable prices. They bring goods to you in the freshest form possible after they have been harvested. Their farmers operate state of the art modern machines and tools to ensure their land is properly prepared and their crops are well planted and harvested. Their products are fresh, nonperishable and highly nutritious. They sell in retail and in wholesale and this gives the opportunity for you to buy your goods based on your financial capability. If you are looking for a warehouse or stock a lot then you can also buy in large quantity. You can find Plantain, Cassava, Cucumber, and Okro from their stores.

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