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Buy Agricultural Chemicals In Nigeria

SME9ja provides a list of Agricultural Chemicals in Nigeria products that you can buy from. You can also see the sellers of each of the products. You can find the addresses of Agricultural Chemicals in Nigeria, phone numbers of Agricultural Chemicals in Nigeria, and even reviews of Agricultural Chemicals in Nigeria.

In SME9ja you can find Di-Grow Organic Fertilizer, Esefort Organic Fertilizer from a seller of ours called Seed World International. 

Why should you buy Agricultural Chemicals?

For starters, agrochemicals are chemical agents like insecticides and fungicides which control crop-harming organisms (Rodents, Nematodes, Mites, Insects, Fungi) or even viruses. Agrochemicals are classified into 9 categories and they are as follows:

  • Insecticides: These are agents used to control dangerous insect pests that usually damages the crops in your field.
  • Fungicides: These are agents used to control diseases which damages the crops in your field.
  • Insect-Fungicides: These are agents which simultaneously control the harmful insect pests and the diseases that damage the crops in your field.
  • Herbicides: These are agents that are used in controlling weeds.
  • Rodenticides: These are agents used for controlling rats and other kinds of rodents.
  • Plant Growth Regulators: These are agents that promote or inhibit the growth of the crops in your field.
  • Attractants: These are agents which attract the harmful insect pests through odor.
  • Repellents: These are the agents that have repellent action on mammals or birds that damage the field crops.
  • Spreaders: These are the agents that are mixed with different chemicals to enhance the adherence of the chemicals.

Humans since the discovery of agriculture have been doing their best to protect the crops of your field from pests, weeds, and diseases. Methods may include cultural control of diseases and pests through removing crop debris after harvest and plowing, while also includes the breeding varieties resistant to diseases and pests, weed control through the means of spreading straw, vinyl sheeting, physical pest control like soil disinfection through the process of solar heating and of course the biotic control using spiders.

Why as an agriculturist you need to control diseases and pests is because they decrease the yield of your crops which means they decrease how much you can actually profit from your efforts. Diseases and pests can decrease your yield of corn by 28%, yield of eggplants by 21%, yield of potatoes by 31%, yield of tomatoes by 77%, yield of cucumbers by 61%, yield of Cabbages by 63%, yield of peaches by 100%, yield of apples by 97%, yield of soybeans by 30%, yield of wheat by 36%, yield of corn by 32% and yield of peanuts by 78%.

History of Agrochemicals

A long time ago in a country called Japan, farmers used to process the rice paddies with drums, alarm bells, and torches to scare away the bugs that infest the rice. They called this Mushi-Oi which means to drive away contaminating insects. Then in the Edo Era, there was a new method that got invented where they sprayed whale oil on the rice in order to kill the harmful pests on the rice. Then before World War 2, they used copper and lime sulphur but the issue was that weed control relied on manual processes like hand weeding. Good thing was that after the war herbicides were developed. Advances in technology then saw that the creation of synthesized agricultural chemicals which allowed the increase of crop yield and the efficiency in farm work. The issue with these chemicals was that it is highly toxic to humans and this caused frequent accidents. This led to the Agricultural Chemical Regulation Law

where it was claimed that the protection of public health and the maintenance of the national living environment will be the priorities of all farmers. This led to highly human toxic agrochemicals such as BHC, DDT, and drin insecticides to become banned and restricted from sales.

So if you are having trouble as a farmer or home grower dealing with those pests, insects, and weeds then look no further as SME9ja has all that you need and more. In SME9ja we believe that only the right chemicals should be used. We believe that farmers in Nigeria should also ensure to not use toxic and human harmful chemicals or even environmental harmful chemicals to grow crops. Not only will it cause your customers to become sick but it will also make the taste of the fruit, vegetable, or crop bad.

This is why with SME9ja we ensure that all chemicals that are sold are environmental and human-friendly.

SME9ja will ban any chemical that is dangerous to humans or the environments.

So what are you waiting for? Hover to Agriculture and click on Agrochemicals to view and buy our agrochemical products!

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