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Health Benefits of Beans

Beans are rich in amino acids which are chemicals that combine in order to form a protein which helps in the building of muscle. Protein is a nutrient that is very essential. Protein plays an important role in everything your body does. Protein sources are split into two categories: incomplete and complete. Soy, Quinoa, and animal products are proteins that are complete. Being complete means that they contain all of the amino acids which are nine in number. Incomplete proteins are found in beans with the exception of soybeans being complete proteins. For you to make them complete you can easily include nuts, seeds, or grains to make them complete. Beans are the best choice for vegans and vegetarians who are trying to build muscle.

Beans are rich in nutrients. They contain also folate. Folate helps prevent defects in the neural tube in a fetus during pregnancy. Canned beans have a lot of folates but dried beans contain double what canned beans have. If you do not get enough folate then you will have loss of appetite, heart palpitations, weakness, fatigue, and irritability. Some other nutrients in which beans contain are fiber, magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Beans contain an antioxidant which is called polyphenols. These are antioxidants that fight effects of free radicals who are chemicals in which affect free radicals in which affect a huge range of body processes that range from cancer and inflammation prevention to physical aging.

Eating beans mean you are at less risk of dying to stroke, heart attack or cardiovascular problems. Eating beans provide a reduction in the risk of having coronary heart disease. It is also suggested that beans lower cholesterol and by lowering cholesterol it is reducing the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks.

Since beans provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidants these provide a reduction in the risk of getting cancer. It can even help in fighting intestinal cancer and black beans are the beans that pose the most to a reduction of cancer as they are very high in anti-oxidants.  

Beans also help in the stabilization of blood glucose levels which can even help a lot in the prevention of diabetes. The fact that beans are high in fiber already shows that they aid in the reduction of blood glucose levels. Soybeans also aid in supporting and ensuring your pancreas by producing insulin which aids in regulating blood sugar.

Fatty liver occurs when the liver is having an accumulation of fat which makes it a metabolic disorder. Adzuki beans will help in improving the amount of fat the liver has. Which means that beans may aid in preserving the health of your liver while also reducing the amount of risk of fat storage in the liver. Although more research is needed on this.

Healthy starches and fiber aid in preventing the craving of food, which means that consuming beans aid in controlling your appetite. For those who are on a diet and are trying to lose weight, they know that nothing is harder in losing weight then controlling your appetite. This means that beans are a great food when it comes to diet as they prevent you from overeating and aid you in maintaining a great calorie deficit.

Black beans help in enhancing the health of your gut by providing you with an intestinal barrier function which increases the number of bacteria that are healthy. These help in preventing gut-associated diseases.

So if all these benefits still don't convince you to include beans in your daily diet then how about the fact that beans are delicious, tasty and add greatness to your meals. 

Beans can be cooked in all sort of ways and can provide a various range of Nigerian delicacies. From Jacket Moi Moi, which is another way to wrap Nigerian Moi Moi to white Moi Moi, to Nigerian Okpa, to baked Nigerian Moi Moi, to dan wake and to lentils porridge. All these can easily be cooked using beans as the main recipe and all these dishes are as tasty as can be.

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