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Plant & Animal Oil

KAOTHAR Red Palm Oil 2.5 Litres

15% Off
1,647 1,400
Business Name: KAOTHAR FOODS

Elliah Coconut Oil 50cl

15% Off
2,325 1,976

Palm Oil 1litre

25% Off
1,200 900

KAOTHAR Red Palm Oil 1.5 Litres Souvenir Packs

15% Off
1,300 1,105
Business Name: KAOTHAR FOODS

KAOTHAR Red Palm Oil 5 Litres

20% Off
3,500 2,800
Business Name: KAOTHAR FOODS

Bottled Palm Oil

40% Off
5,000 3,000
Business Name: Tonaco Allied Industries Ltd

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Buy Plant & animal Oil and shop for plant & animal online. Buy plant & animal oil online in Nigeria. SME9ja has affordable high-quality Plant & Animal Oil. We have palm oil that is refined or handmade or even crude. They can be used for seasoning and cooking. Packaging can come in plastic bottles, drum, or bulk. You can find Palm Oil for 1 liter at just 900 nairas, Red Palm Oil at 5 Litre for 2,800 Naira, Red Palm Oil 250 ml for 350 nairas, and bottled palm oil for 3,000 nairas. You can also find Coconut Oil 50 cl for just 1976 naira. Oils are used to make the taste of cooking better. Not all oils are healthy or have health benefits. Many are just used to make the taste better. The healthiest oil that you can use however is Vegetable oils.

Vegetable oil is extracted from plants and is liquid at room temperature. When you use to eat a small amount of vegetable oil it decreases the risk for developing heart diseases. It aids in reducing an increased blood sugar level, increased blood pressure, and increased serum cholesterol level. It also aids in decreasing the risk for Brest cancer. Olive oil is especially good for this. Coconut oil which contains laurel acid reduces Candida and aids in fighting bacteria and creating an environment that is hostile for viruses. This leads to the boosting of your immune system. Vegetable Oil also helps in improving metabolism, especially in obese people as olive oil has phenolic compounds, substances that have antioxidant, anti-blood clotting properties, and anti-inflammatory. Oils like cottonseed, sunflower, safflower, almond, and wheat germ are all rich in Vitamin E which is good for the body to protect cells and develop them. They also protect body tissues like skin, breasts, eye, testes, and liver. Alpha-linolenic acid is a type of omega-3 fatty acids which are located in canola, soybean, and flaxseed oil which is an anti-inflammatory and which is why it is highly recommended towards people who are suffering severely from the skin and digestive concerns and also a chronic heart. Sesame oil which contains tyrosine has been directly connected to the activity of serotonin and release in the brain, and this aids in boosting your mood by making the body flood with hormones and enzymes which will make you feel very happy therefore lowering depression and anxiety. Olive Oil which contains so many nutrients that is able to inhibit or kill harmful bacteria’s.

Extra Virgin Olive oil may be able to fight eight strains of bacteria out of which 3 of those strains are immune and resistant to anti-biotic. Therefore olive oil has anti-bacterial properties. Olive oil which is rich in hydroxytyrosol and oleic acid affects the development of acute pancreatitis. Acute pancreatitis which is a disease is a sudden inflammation of the pancreas. Researchers have discovered that extra virgin oil can protect against acute pancreatitis.

Coconut oil has huge levels of antioxidants which aid in fighting the free radical which is a worldwide leading natural treatment for osteoporosis. Coconut oil not only increases your bone volume and the structure of the bone but it also decreases bone loss due to the prevention of osteoporosis. Coconut oil also aids in improving digestion which helps the body absorb better the fat-soluble vitamins like magnesium and calcium and therefore this aids in the treatment and prevention of stomach ulcers and ulcerative colitis. Coconut oil also aids in the improvement of bacteria and gut health by killing Candida and bad bacteria. Oils like Almond Oil, Peanut Oil, and wheat germ oil are so rich in vitamin E to a point that the benefits are so huge and the biggest benefit of all is the improvement of the immunity system. They act like anti-oxidants which will defend and protect different parts of body tissues like the eyes and the skin and it also aids in preventing heart diseases. Vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant aid in controlling free radicals that help in the prevention of blood clots and blockages in the coronary arteries which in return helps in the prevention of cardiovascular ailments.

Vegetable oils contain huge amounts of active fats and are very harmful if you eat in excess with the exception of olive oil and coconut oil. Eating too much of them will cause chain reactions that damage structures in your body including your DNA even. These fatty acids sit in cell membranes and therefore they increase harmful oxidative chain reactions. Eating a lot of oil is toxic and can lead to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity so be cautious with using just the right amount so that you can get the benefits and not turn them into negatives. So log in to SME9ja now and start buying!

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