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Konica Minolta Bizhub Coloured DI C203 Photocopier

25% Off
333,333 250,000

Lenovo 320-151AP 80XR00ALUS

22% Off
185,897 145,000
Business Name: RUNTOWN STORE

Hp Stream 14 Screen Inches

25% Off
145,333 109,000
Business Name: RUNTOWN STORE

HP Notebook 14 inches Screen UK Used

40% Off
121,667 73,000
Business Name: Johsat Communication

HP Elite 8470p Corei5 UK Used Laptop



Asus F555U Corei7 with 2GB Nividia Graphics Geforce Laptop

10% Off
150,000 135,000

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Computer Accessories Online

A computer is an efficient machine with loads of amazing functions. Owning to its usefulness, a computer has become almost an indispensable tool for every man and business in the present century. They are used at offices, manufacturing companies, schools and other institutions. Computers also serve personal uses as a media or gaming device. Computer accessories are the tools and appliances that are crucial to the adequate functioning of the computer system. They include monitor, central processing unit (CPU), universal power supply (UPS), mouse, keyboard, scanner, printer, joystick, etc. Each of these components makes the computer a complete set. They also enhance the efficiency of the computer as well as ensure that a computer performs at its best. Without the right set of accessories, a computer is as good as a blank screen with nothing to display since it has not received any data to process in order to give the desired result or information SME9ja presents you an array of options for your computer and accessories.

Where to buy computer Accessories

It is easy to confuse quality with counterfeit because of the very many dealers and sellers. In fact, it is very easy to spend too much when you should have spent so less. It all boils down to going to the right place. Here is a list of some online stores to get your computers and accessories. You can find your computers and accessories online at Parkway Nigeria. Parkway parades an impressive catalog of best computer accessories to buy. Beyond its fascinating computers and accessories images, the brand boasts a massive inventory of laptops, desktop PCs, monitors, printers, scanners and other accessories. Some products to be found on its online section of accessories, include; Eaton UPS, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with a fingerprint, Pioneer On-Ear Stereo, USB Flash drive, etc.

It also sells scanners with top specifications like HP Scanjet Document flatbed scanner and a host of other two-sided scanning accessories. The Lagos-based brand sells both new and used products at discounted rates.

Shop Inverse is an online store to obtain your cheap laptops. This online dealer imports and sells quality and clean Uk used laptop computers at ridiculous prices. From Dell Vostro, HP ProBook, Apple MacBook, to HP Spectre pro with touchscreen, ShopInverse boasts a full stock of best brands and latest accessories. By extension, the platform also offers sales of computer gadgets and accessories.

Apple, Dell, HP, Sony, and Acer are some top makers you can find on this store. On ShopInverse you can get your laptops and notebooks, mini laptops, ultra wide laptops, desktops, All-in-One, etc. The Nigerian based online distributor has branches across the country.

Blessing Computers is a perfect stop for your computers and accessories. The online store offers every buyer a range of options from Chromebooks, convertible laptops, tower pcs, workstation, etc., from top brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus and so on. Their accessories category offers cables and adapters. You can also get your hard disk, server memory, signal cables, processors, motherboards. They also sell a variety of PC bags and cover casings for your laptop computers.

Buy your computers and accessories at best prices on Kara. Kara is an online platform that offers a wide range of computer products and accessories like Canon copier, LG Led projector, Solar Wind Sever and application monitor, Bluetooth speaker, smart switches, vertical cable organizer, wireless IP camera, etc.

Their prices are great, as they sell at a reasonable discount. Blessings computer is located at Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos.

Westgate is yet another online mall to shop for your computers and accessories. On Westgate, you can choose from a selection of Dual-core processors (Core 13, Core 15, and Core 17 processors) for your desktop computers. You can also get accessories like Canon paper and ink set, Port USB hub, etc. on this online store.

SME9ja has brought a lasting solution to your worries and stress. On SME9ja you can get your computer products and accessories at cheap prices in Nigeria. Our online marketplace presents you with an assortment of options for your desktop computer, laptop, notebook, and Chromebook. We select from the best brands and top dealers and suppliers in Nigeria.

On our vast online store, you can get your internet security and antivirus; connectivity devices such as cables, adapters, extensions, and routers; input devices such as keyboard, mouse, stylus; readers and writers such as DVD ROMS, card readers, switches, etc. We also provide you with a long list of options for your networking devices from pocket modems to table and USB modems, servers, operating systems, etc. You get everything at your convenience from us.

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