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Solar Energy is energy that is produced through the sun's light and the sun's warmth in order to generate electricity or to produce heat. It is both inexhaustible and renewable energy due to the fact that it comes from the sun. Typically Solar Energy is harnessed by the use of panels and mirrors.

The benefits of Solar Energy and why it is the most promising energy is as follows:

• Renewability

• Never Ending Energy

• Does not Pollute hence avoids global warming

• Reduces the use of fossil fuels which are a limited resource

• It contributes to smart city development

• It can easily be applied for large-scale electricity generation while can also be applied on a small scale

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How to install exterior solar Panels?

For starters, you need to build a platform that consists of 4x4s and concrete pillars which will support the solar panels. You will then need to use eight 24-volt 110-watt PV panels which have been fastened to create the arrays. Then installing four 12-volt, 255-amp sealed batteries will store the power that is collected from the panels. So basically the panel is there to collect the light and heat from the sun and transform it into energy which the battery will now store. After that, you will need like a 5500-watt power inverter and 40-amp charge controller that will be installed near a standard electrical box. The machines we mentioned will give you the ability to produce 35,000-watt hours per month which is enough to power interior lights, water pump, and some appliances. Once done the team will mount panels to the platform. When securing the rear legs it is tremendously important to use meteorological data which will determine the proper angle for you to elevate and secure rear legs.  

The next thing we need to do is the wiring of the solar modules and then joining them at a junction connector or fuse combiner box. Modules will be stripped and wired in pairs then they will be connected to a fuse box which will be mounted on the platform and will be well connected to the underground cables. Please remember that when doing any electrical work to always remember that it is very important to take all safety precautions due to the dangers involved.  

Make sure that the red wires are connected to the positive terminal while the black wires will be connected to the negative terminals.

Make sure to label each wire as to not forget the importance of each wire. Labeling wires are also important as if someone else wants to try and configure then they are able to pick off from where you left off. Now with the solar array angled, wired and assembled correctly it is now time to connect the exterior wiring with the interior panels.  

Then connect cables to fuse the combiner box which is found in the base of the solar array. Green cables should be connected to the ground strip and the red cables should be connected to the positive terminal block whilst the black cables are to be connected to the negative block.

Once you have grounded the system and made the proper electrical connections you can now run the cables from the array to the inverter panel disconnect.

Do not forget that the battery system must be installed in a series of alternating positives and negatives.

So what are you waiting for? Log on to SME9ja and start buying the tools needed to set up your solar powered station!

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