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Food is the primary necessity of life. Every man needs food to keep alive and in shape. However, feeding goes beyond just mere eating. The need to take the right combination of food at the right time is as important as eating itself. SME9ja has come to make sure you get the best foodstuff and groceries for your daily upkeep.

By shopping your food items and groceries online on SME9ja, you can rest assured that your breakfast, lunch and dinner are great delicacies. Our assortment of foods and beverages deliver the needed wholesome diet for a well-functioning body system. You can also shop your fresh fruits from our online grocery store. Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  

Buy Food Items online in Nigeria 

A lot of Nigerian homes do not adopt a balanced diet. While many families place the least premium on how far their meals conform to the balanced diet standard, it is interesting to know that a few others appreciate the overall benefit of eating well. Families who consume wholesome diets tend to be stronger and disease free than those who do not. And this is why SME9ja is giving every family a chance to put the best meal into their mouths and stomachs. We are doing this by availing you an opportunity to select the right right food and beverage from our vast stock of online grocery.  

Shop your Foodstuff and ingredients online on SME9ja  

Buy foodstuff and ingredients online on SME9ja for your various Nigerian recipes. Foodstuff like Rice, Beans, Garri, Maize, Meat, Yam, Oils, and vegetables are available in large and small quantities for retail and wholesale on our vast online marketplace.

SME9ja also offers a wide variety of many foodstuff types. For instance, you can get your Garri ijebu, which goes well with cold water and groundnut with sugar. You can also get the right yam type for your pounded yam, fried yam, and porridge.

Some ingredients are essential to virtually all Nigerian dishes. You can not imagine boiling your rice without adding some pinch of salt to taste, neither can you make your fish and meat stew without spicing them up with stock cubes. Some essential Nigerian food ingredients include salt, onion, stock cube, thyme, curry powder, palm oil, vegetable oil or groundnut oil, plum tomatoes, peppers, etc.

These basic ingredients serve crucial culinary purposes. Pure vegetable oil, for instance, comes handy whenever you think of treating yourself and family to a delicious dish of Jollof and fried rice. Fried plantain, yam and the rest snacks like puff puff, doughnuts, etc are also dependent on oil to make great snacks.

Fresh, chilli, and dry peppers serve a great function in getting many delicacies ready. In fact, pepper is regarded as parts of a meal'a critical flavor.

You can shop your food ingredients online to achieve that flavor and taste each of your delicacies deserves. Shop on SME9ja today and make every meal a sumptuous cook.

Buy Tea and Beverages Online

Buy beverages online in Nigeria on SME9ja. SME9ja offers an assortment of brands for your tea, milk, cereals and other beverages.

Tea is a top beverage and a staple food. It is an essential household commodity, as children and adults find it a delight. A cup of hot tea combines perfectly with bread to make a typical breakfast.

Tea consumption has experienced a significant growth as a staple food. Many people prefer to have it as their first early morning intake. Businessmen, civil servants, transport workers and all categories of men settle for a sip of tea or coffee in the morning before heading for their various destinations. In fact, as a result of its wide acceptance, tea vending has been a viable business in Nigeria for years. The hausa 'Mai shai' vendors are a prominent example.

The tea industry is made of four different types. The herbal, green, organic and the popular black tea. Brands like Milo, Bournvita and Ovaltine are examples of black tea. You can get any variety of these many tastes and flavors online on SME9ja. You can also get your oolong tea, mint tea, slimming tea, ginger tea, flat tummy tea and coffee on SME9ja.

SME9ja online marketplace is the perfect stop for your Lipton, herbal tea, green tea, and inorganic tea. Our massive inventory draws the best flavor and type of tea from top tea brands in Nigeria like Unilever, Tazo Beverage industry, Associated British Foods (ABF), and the home-grown Mambilla etc.

For your foodstuff, groceries, beverages, and cakes. Some on SME9ja today and have memorable online shopping experience.

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