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Wooden 6x6 Bedframe

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380,000 190,000

4½ Inches Wooden Bedframe

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120,000 60,000

6 by 6 Feet Bedsheet and Duvet

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20,833 12,500

Freetop Beddings

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23,571 16,500

Picnic Table

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32,000 28,800

Chocolate Polka Dotted Bedspread

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21,176 18,000

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Buy Furniture Online in Nigeria

Furniture plays a great role in determining the beauty and look of a home. After you might have made painstaking efforts at selecting a colorful paint with a touch of professional interior decor, an elegant and befitting furniture comes in as a great finish. This explains why men and women of taste secure luxurious appointments as a superb complement to other designs aimed at delivery a glamorous look to their home.

Furniture that meets the taste of every home is sure to be comfy as well as stylish. If you are looking to treat your new home to a luxurious furnishing or are planning to give an entirely new look to your old apartment, SME9ja is the perfect place to check. SME9ja offers a selection of classic, modern appointments for your sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

In our online marketplace, you can shop topnotch furniture solutions for your living room, make your kitchen your comfort zone and your bedroom a heaven on earth. Our vast selection of furnishings includes television stands, center tables, sofa chairs, dining sets, workstation and office chairs, shower cubicle, wardrobes, dressers, etc.

Buy Furniture for the Living Room Online

The living room is expected to be a hub of life and activity. To a great extent, it symbolizes the whole house, since it is the major point of call in the whole building. It gives the real impression of every home and it is the real place to give the best hospitality to yourself, family and visitor. If your living room is colorful, warm and lively, then you would have given your visitor the best treatment and would have unknowingly invited them to come the next time. If not, you would have failed an ethical responsibility of giving the warmest reception to one's visitor. Besides, a living room without ideal amenities, most especially the right furniture, may end up being an irony in itself. It will be a dead room where no one stays for long.

Help your living room live up to its name by furnishing it with the right furniture sets. We offer every piece of furniture to make your sitting room a lively hub of the house where people get to socialize.

Whether your living room is a portable one or the largest part of the house with different sections, we are prepared to paint every corner of the room with light and live. SME9ja offers all living room sets, sectional living room sets, upholstered living room sets, leather living room sets, reclining living room sets, comfy sofas, accent chairs, ottomans, loveseats, etc. We also got you covered for your TV stands, round table set, pub royal table, center table, mats, bar stools, and benches.

Buy your kitchen furnishings and cabinet on SME9ja. A kitchen cabinet is a cupboard built in a kitchen or a chest drawer for kitchen use. It serves as a storage for food, cooking equipment, and sometimes dishes and silverware. We offer you the best selections of kitchen cabinets in different shapes, designs and orientations.

The bedroom is your real personal retreat. It is where you unwind after a hectic day. Hence, you want it to be stylish as well as comfortable in order to deliver physical and psychological asylum your body requires.

Your mattress should be one that lures you to rest while your beddings and pillows should enhance the maximum comfort your bed is expected to deliver. With our makeup vanity sets, writing desk, blanket ladders, night stands, drawer chests, kids beds, mirrors and pillows, and beddings, you can transform your bedroom into a true personal sanctuary every soul craves.

You can also trust SME9ja for your office furnishings. We boast a classic collection of modern reception desks, office chairs, reception sofas (living room couches for your lounge), bookcases and classic drawers. Our classic sets of appointment will give you a comfortable office place and little would you feel that you are away from home.

Where to Buy Furniture

Explore our vast world of sleek, elegant and gorgeous designs and make a befitting choice of on SME9ja. Our huge collection of chairs, table, wardrobe, dining sets and kitchen furnishings are sure to make your home look like a palace. Shop your furniture online on SME9ja today and have your fair share of royalty. SME9ja is the right place to buy your furniture in Lagos. We offer you home, outdoor and office furniture; kitchen cabinet and sanitary wares. We do not stop at that, we also offer you rugs, tiles, and decor as well floor and table lamp and chandelier.

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