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Buy Healthcare products online

Health is wealth, it comes before every other thing. Shop your medicine online on SME9ja. We offer a vast range of medical and health care products which are efficacious in delivering the sound health and overall well-being your body deserves.

Medical devices are essential to home needs. They are used for delivering medications or first aid. A Popular medication administration equipment is a dosing cup, which is used for measuring liquid medication such as cough syrup.

Assistive technologies are also a category of medical devices. They most often are mobility aids like wheelchairs, walkers, cane etc. You can shop a variety of prosthetic devices online on SME9ja. Prosthetic devices such as artificial arms or legs or orthotic devices like leg braces or shoe.

Buy Home Healthcare Medical Devices online on SME9ja

SME9ja offers a long list of healthcare medical devices. On our vast online store, you can select your home health care and portable, digital medical devices. We also avail you a variety of healthcare products and services on our online place.

Buy your medical devices and manage your healthcare in a convenient, independent and inexpensive manner. Home healthcare medical devices are products or equipment used in the home by persons who have disabilities or are ill. These devices foster well-being at decent costs and with little stress of visiting the clinic all the time. Home healthcare devices include wheelchair, nebulizers and ventilators (to help in breathing), blood glucose meter, apnea monitors and sundry home monitoring devices. Either you are a nurse, physician, social worker, therapist or a home care aide, each of this equipment is essential.

Various types of meters and monitors are available to measure critical health status indicators like blood pressure, blood sugar level, etc. On SME9ja, you can explore our carefully selected list of meters and monitors like Thermometer, Stethoscope, blood coagulation (PT/INR) meter, Pulse oximeter, Weight scale, Blood pressure monitor, Electrocardiogram monitor, Apnea monitor, Fetal monitor, etc.

We also offer a wide range of cheap, efficacious and safe essential medicines. Essential medicines are a list of medicines needed to maintain basic health care. Get your Asthma inhalers, capsules, creams and ointments, ear and eye drop on SME9ja.

Shop medications on SME9ja

From anti-malaria drugs to analgesics (painkillers), antibiotics, antipyretics, antiseptics, mood stabilizers, oral contraceptives, hormone replacement, stimulants contraceptives, and tranquilizers, you can obtain a range of drugs and household medications in Nigeria on SME9ja. Anti-malaria comes handy in preventing and treating malaria. Antibiotics render a lot of help by killing disease-causing bacteria. while Antiseptics prevents the growth of germ growth near burns, cuts, and wounds.

As a professional caregiver, you will need to get Medication Administration Equipment in order to administer drugs in either aerosol, tablet or liquid form. Test kits are useful in conducting pregnancy test, stress hormone test, HIV test, and Hepatitis C and drug test kits. First aid equipment such as bandages, compression stocking, snakebite kit, etc., are also indispensable medical possessions. SME9ja also offers long-lasting medical equipment like a hospital bed, a specialized mattress, lift equipment, etc.

Buy Digital Thermometer On SME9ja

You can go all digital with our range of digital healthcare devices. Our set of digital thermometers are portable, have permanent probes and exhibit a digital display. Thermometers are devices which indicate and measure the temperature of the human body. A thermometer is an important instrument every first aid kit must contain. An oral thermometer is a fine choice; however, digital thermometers tend to be more accurate.

Our stock of digital thermometers come in different sensor types. Resistance Temperature detector (RED), Thermocouple and Thermistor are available for purchase. SME9ja offers baby thermometers and thermometers with infrared programming. Infrared thermometers are amazing tools. They are designed to indicate the temperature of the person being examined from a distance. Infrared thermometers are otherwise called laser thermometers, non-contact thermometers or temperature gun.

Treat malaria and typhoid confidently without exhausting your savings. Typhoid fever is an infection brought about by the bacteria 'Salmonella Typhi'. It is mostly spread through contaminated food or water. Typhoid can be treated with antibiotics like ceftriaxone, ciprofloxacin, ampicillin, etc. You can get your various typhoid-curing antibiotics on SME9ja alongside professional advice on how to use these medications.

Buy food supplements online on SME9ja. A food or dietary supplement is a product intended to support regular diet. Food supplements contain dietary ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, organ tissues, etc. SME9ja offers you an assortment of multivitamin and multi-mineral supplements to provide an adequate amount of proteins, minerals, vitamins, fiber, amino acids, proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, etc., for your body. Shop medical products on SME9ja and enjoy a healthy life.

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