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Lights & Lighting

DP LED Lights LED 618

56% Off
5,000 2,200

DP LED Lights Led 636

40% Off
2,000 1,200

Simple Solar Kit System

45% Off
100,000 55,000

Energy Saving Lamp 40 Watts

50% Off
1,400 700

DC Solar Street Light 12v/24v

10% Off
20,000 18,000

Solar Lantern / Reading Lamp

20% Off
3,125 2,500

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Shop for Lights & Lighting with SME9ja 

Whether you are finding indoor lighting stores near me or finding the best prices on lighting fixtures, SME9ja is the best place to buy lamps online.

You can find wall sconce lighting, led ceiling lights, flush mount light fixtures, kitchen pendant lighting, ceiling light fixture, pendant light fixtures, chandelier ceiling fan, decoration lights for home, outdoor light fixtures, bathroom light fixtures, dining room light fixtures, pendant ceiling lamp, ceiling lights in ceiling, living room lighting lamps, led living room light fixtures, home lighting online store, matching light fixtures and ceiling fans and much much more. 

SME9ja also offers a lot of lights that are LED based. Why you should buy LED is because they require much less energy to power and will save you electricity. So this means that you NEPA bill will be cheaper. They save 75% electricity compared to halogen lamp and 80% electricity compared to incandescent bulbs. They do not have dangerous liquids, gases, or solids which can are harmful to the environment. You can even use them as automobile lighting and it helps reduce the risk of car accidents. 

You can use LED also for plant growth. LED lights to come in different colors and shades and can define the style, setting, and ambiance that you desire. The LED light does not pollute. They have no UV Light which means they do not cause skin damage. They are easy to install. There is no need for excessive maintenance. They don't flicker and they have the ability to be dimmed. They also retain true colors and they don't attract bugs and insects. LED are silent and they do not produce annoying and distracting humming noises.  

They are more expensive than standard bulbs but they save you money on your NEPA Bill and can last up to 50,000 hours. LEDs can be installed both inside and outside the house. They are recyclable and are lightweight. They are adaptable, flexible and versatile. At Christmas time, they can reduce the risk of fire compared to Christmas lights.

With SME9ja you can search for any light you want hassle-free. The lights our seller offers are the latest LED Grow lights. Our sellers sell quality lights at reasonable prices and do their best to ensure that shipping is as fast as it can be.

Many of our sellers have years of experience. LED are indeed an upgrade over the inefficient and costly HID as long as you ensure you are growing lights with great quality. SME9ja sources for sellers whose products are well respected in the industry and do their best to ensure that the lights they get are thick, lush and high yield growth. Do note that LED lights last six times as long as the HID lighting and led lights to provide 90% saving costs compared to directional lighting.

Tips on lighting your living room

For you to have the perfect lighting conditions in your living room you need to understand that there are three different types of lighting. There is general, task and accent. They are used at differently throughout the day for different purposes and the way in ensuring you have proper lightning is to know how and when to mix and to use them. If you have lots of natural light during the day then you do not need overhead light. The solution in this scenario is to get pot lights or angled spotlights which will create an even layer of overhead lighting. If you watch TV in the living room though, then you will need to be careful in choosing the surrounding lights to avoid the television glare. It is very distracting to have bright light above or infront of your tv so make sure that your ceiling lights are dimmable and use an offset wall scones or you can use floor lamps. The next type of light you have is task lights and this includes scenarios like reading lamps if you read frequently. You should have low levels of natural light so a floor lamp spaced between two chairs is a good one. Finally, you have the accent type which is like table lamps and floor lamps that helps you create a romantic cozy atmosphere in the living room and most especially in the night time.  

With SME9ja you can find Energy Saving Lamp that is 18 watts, energy saving lamp that is 11 watts, Energy efficient LED Bulb big screw type that is 5 and 7 watts. Color rotating LED Lamps. DP LED Lights led 636. Solar Flood Light. Makeup ring light that is 18 inches. DP LED Lights LED 618.

So what are you waiting for? Log in to SME9ja now and find, favorite, call, and buy the lights of your choice to light up the night.

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