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Barney Character School Bag

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Cooler Bag

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4 in 1 Back Pack

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3 in 1 Backpack

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Beautiful Jewelry Box with Flowered Body and Metal Silver Edges

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Omaya Multipurpose Backpack

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Buy Luggage Bags Online

Traveling without a convenient, easy-to-carry luggage makes a trip more challenging than enjoyable. Yet, no single piece of luggage is perfect for all trips. What determines the luggage choice is the nature of the trip and its purpose, activities involved in it, and the number of possessions one needs to pick for a comfortable travel stint. That simply explains why there are varieties of the travel bag and luggage options in the market. For every trip, at every time, SME9ja has got a long list of luggage solutions for you.

Discover a large selection of luggage bags, suitcases, backpacks, duffels, trolleys, etc., online and make your next trip more fascinating and hassle-free. SME9ja boasts a wide range of travel bags from top brands. Whether your concern is quality, style, durability, cost or a combination of all, there is no better option than SME9ja.

Buy Suitcases on SME9ja

Have a pick of your next suitcase online on SME9ja and have a better experience this time around when you shop from our inventory of quality suitcases. If you are looking to purchase your first suitcase, SME9ja is still the perfect stop for your wants and needs. Our massive variety of options allows you not only to shop the best suitcase finds but also to have your coat perfectly cut according to your size and cloth. We have generously stocked our catalog to allow every customer to tailor their search according to their needs and budget. Do you have a decent budget and are worried about getting the best? Please worry less. Even with a decent budget, you will still smile home when you shop on SME9ja. Discover a large selection of suitcases on SME9ja and travel happy and proud.  

Where to Buy Trolley Bags 

Are you looking to get a lovely, handy and durable bag for your next vacation? You may want to consider grabbing a trolley bag for your wears and accessories. Discover cheap trolley bags online on SME9ja. Trolley bags are viable traveling options, especially when you go for quality, like the ones we have on SME9ja.  

Travel in style with our set of VIP trolley bags on SME9ja. Come on SME9ja for your VIP Unisex Red Tryst Strolly 55 Cabin Trolley Bag, VIP Modulus, VIP black Plazma, etc.  

You can get your trolley bag in different sizes and designs. There is also a host of size options should you be concerned about weight. You can get large trolleys, medium-sized and small-sized trolleys to suit your needs. We also offer you exclusive options like an Anti-scratch Hard branded Luggage Trolley Bag, which will be most suitable for your next rough adventure trip.  

You should consider packing your possessions in a Duffel if you are going on a road trip or are going all out with your family, say on vacation. A Duffel is also a great luggage option for an adventure travel. For sports professionals, a wheeled duffel is a fantastic choice for multi-sports gears. It offers enough space to swallow up almost every odd-shaped sports equipment.  

Buy Backpacks on SME9ja 

Shop from our variety of backpacks online on SME9ja. Backpacks are delightfully suitable carry-ons. A carefully selected backpack may suffice as an all-around travel companion. They are mobile and handy. In fact, they are the best options when traveling alone and for a short stay. They could be perfect for your hiking trip, especially when you are not covering so many miles.  

Backpacks have sufficient space to accommodate essential needs like laptops, phone charger, etc. This doesn't mean they are not suitable for wears and other accessories.  

What's more? They could be rugged but come with lightly padded shoulder strips for comfortability while carrying. Other amazing options for your backpack choice include Lightweight Backpack with waterproof. There are Anti-theft Smart Bags with a password, ample thanks to technology. Come online on SME9ja for your travel backpacks. Our travel packs come in different variants. 

On SME9ja, you can also find the nice backpacks for school children. There is a vast range of available options to select from, such as School backpacks with the trolley.  

SME9ja is the one-stop for all your travel bags and luggage. We offer you the widest range of travel bags from best manufacturers in Nigeria. As much as we boast the best finds from suppliers in Nigeria, we also treat you to top international brands like Safari, Swiss Polo, Tommy Hilfiger (Duffel), CAT, Teakwood Leathers, etc. Come online on SME9ja today and shop the best travel bags in Nigeria. 

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