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Why Package Printing?

You have put so much effort in creating an almost perfect product that you are sure will satisfy market needs. Good. But that is not going to be all. You need to find a way to get consumers to love your product and, ultimately, choose it over others. That is the only way to survive the crazy market competition. So, what do you do?  

In the world of today, the saleability of a product is determined by many factors: it's quality, satisfaction, and physical appeal. Nobody wants to buy a commodity that's not well branded and well presented. In marketing, getting branding and packaging right makes your product outstanding, memorable, easy to find, and appealing to both old and new customers.  

Getting a wide market acceptability for your product involves a lot of calculated and consistent efforts. The role of marketing and advertising in the saleability of a product is not small. Marketing and advertising get the product to the awareness of the consumer. But everything all starts with packaging. A product that's not well branded and packaged will receive little market acceptance regardless of whatever heavy marketing campaign. In essence, branding and packaging are essential steps to a successful campaign and product advertisement.  

Most often, branding is associated with creating a logo for your company or product. In reality, branding goes beyond a mere logo representation to encompass the real message a brand sends to its potential customers. A logo is a unique image representing your brand.  

Packaging is an extension of branding. It is what gave birth to packaging printing. Since every product is expected to bear some consumer and manufacturer information, it becomes pertinent that product packages undergo printing, which is the process of inscribing information on product package which may be nylon, carton, plastic, etc.  

Product packaging serves many purposes such as keeping product secure and safe as well as complementing the company's message. It is not understandable that consumers or buyers make their choices upon the packaging a product features. In the market, to a great extent, a product is judged by its cover. 

Package Printing Solutions 

Package printing is assuming a new dimension, thanks to a growing body of package printing technology. Get your brand's packaging and printing is done with amazing packing innovations on SME9ja. We offer you the latest solutions from the package printing industry. Our host of packaging printing machines are so sophisticated to help you achieve the basic demands of every brand owner's focus which are market versioning, product variation, and customization.  

Shop printing machines for food packaging printing on SME9ja. Inks are printed on food materials for consumer information and for marketing purposes. This is referred to as Food printing packaging. 

There is another great news of digital carton folding solutions for companies manufacturers who produce their products in a carton. The KBA VARIJET 106, powered by Xerox, avails industrial production printers with digital inkjet printing options such as versioning and customization, in addition to classic offset printing and inline finishing. This brilliant, high-performing machine is capable of knocking out #4,500 7/0 B1 sheets per hour. The VariJET 106 is configurable as a seven-color, ink-jet-only press, or as a hybrid press featuring both traditional and inkjet offset printing units.  

Flexible printing, also known as flexography, is a form of the printing process which utilizes a flexible relief plate. It is a modern version of letterpress which can be used for printing on any type of substrate, including plastic, metallic films, cellophane, and paper. Some materials used in flexible packaging come with some challenges while printing on them. And this is where flexographic printing has an advantage. Flexographic inks generally have a low viscosity, which enables faster drying and, in turn, result in faster in production and lower cost. 

Owing to a great deal of flexibility it offers, the flexographic process can be used to print on a range of materials. In fact, it poses as the most versatile option for graphic arts reproduction in package printing process. For this printing type, the list of application is endless, some of which are: gift wrapping, paper cups, labels, milk cartons, printed paper plates, retail, and grocery bags, shrink wraps, foil, etc.  

Where to Buy Package Printing Solutions  

When it comes to printing directly on an object, analog technologies may be somewhat restrictive. Get ahead with package printing with our digital printing solutions on SME9ja. SME9ja is the one-stop for your different brand of package printing solutions from top manufacturers like Xerox, Novex Solutions, Aurel Automation, etc. We offer you a wide range of packaging printing machines that are used by the best packaging printing companies in Nigeria. We also bring you the best services from top online printing companies in Nigeria. 

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