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Buy Mobile Tablets on Online

Discover phones and mobile tablets on SME9ja. With their all-in-one attribute, nice design and optimized features, tablets are increasingly becoming desirable (in fact a necessary) possession and the demand for them is climbing by the day. Aside from its many technical functions, a mobile tablet is an expression of class and style. More often than not, they are carried elegantly about especially on occasions.
Owning a tablet might be an ace your sleeves. A mobile tablet keeps you abreast of your world, allows you get the best from the entertainment industry and allows you to get more done on your job, especially if you do a lot on your computer.
Apart from meeting the regular functions of call making and texting, tablets are an amazing multimedia device. Tablets give a super viewing experience as a result of their widescreen resolution and display. They also are a great gadget for students, as they are wide enough for studying and browsing the internet. Of course, tablets are equally cool as gaming devices.

Mobile Tablets on SME9ja

On SME9ja, we avail you a wide range of options for your next choice of tablet device, whether you are looking to get the regular seven inch, an eight-inch version, or a bigger ten inch. We also have a great option for your cheap and high-performing android tablets like the Asus Zenpad 35 10. And if you are an Apple product fanatic, then we have got you covered on your faithful choice. Perhaps you want to treat yourself to luxury, elegance and extraordinary features, then you may want to consider Samsung Galaxy S3, which won Forbes' best high-end Android tablet for 2017. SME9ja offers you the latest tablets by Samsung on our online marketplace. Other brands of mobile tablets you can find on SME9ja include Apple, Amazon, Panasonic Toughbook, Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, Injoo, Acer, Alcatel, and so on.
Our mobile tablets come in different makes and specifications. You can shop android tablets with 1 GB Ram, 2GB Ram etc., and with 3G and 4G capacity internet capacities. Whether you are looking for a single or dual sim, or for 1.2GHz Quad Core to 1.8GHz, SME9ja is the right place to stop.

Buy Mobile Tablet Accessories

You may not enjoy your mobile tablet to the fullest unless with some accessories. There is a long list of accessories that help you get the best out of your mobile tablet.
Mobile tablet accessories serve a variety of purposes. Some of them are protective, such as tablet pouch and casing, screen guard and cover, etc.; while some are optimizers such as charger, power bank, pen and touch devices, Bluetooth headset, cord, and so on. Others are spare or replacements, such as a battery, calibrator, in-built speaker, etc.
Shop all tablet accessories online on SME9ja. We offer you a range of accessories from tablet casing and pouch to screen guard, tablet charger, etc. We have pouches that are sure to protect your mobile tablet from damage thereby making it safer and more durable.
For your Samsung Galaxy Tab, we have a slew of protective pouches. We also have a full stock of generic pouches for seven and eight inches tablets and others.
Buy Bluetooth headset for your tablet and received call or watch with greater ease. Due to size, tablets could be inconvenient for calls. But with Bluetooth headset, you no longer need to carry your tablet about when making calls.
Discover a host of stylish protective covers on a mobile tablet on SME9ja and give your Asus Zenpad the stylish protection it deserves. SME9ja is a one-stop hub for your Asus Zenpad 3S 10 Folio Cover (Z500M), Asus Zenpad 10 TriCover and Persona Cover. Tricover comes in exquisite colors. It's interior is designed to protect the screen against starches. The cover has comes with a folding design which lets you prop your Zenpad in a suitable position for watching videos or typing on the screen.
With the Asus Z Stylus, you can always have a better and optimized experience with your Asus Zenpad. Asus Z stylus features a slim and elegant design that feels cool and natural in your hand. Z stylus has been built to ensure accuracy and preciseness for hover function when working on popular apps like email, super note etc. Interestingly, Stylus does not require a Bluetooth connection to function and can last up to 150 hours of use or 225 days of standby time.
Shop your phones, mobile tablets and mobile tablet accessories online on SME9ja at affordable prices and rock your world in style.

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