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A mobile phone is an indispensable gadget in this present time and age. Apart from making communication and information dissemination possible, it means a lot more to many people. To some, a mobile phone is a personal, mobile office. For others, it is a priceless communication and multimedia device. Whichever function they deserve, mobile phones may not perform at their optimum level without some external aide. Hence the high value of accessories.
Phone accessories are pieces of hardware devices that serve a great user experience optimization when used along with a mobile phone. A new mobile phone naturally comes with a few accessories, a charger and a headphone most notably. Although these accompanying tools offer a great start, there are a couple more accessories out there to optimize your user experience, as much as you want it.

Where to Buy Phone Accessories Wholesale

Shop your phone accessories, in wholesales, online in Nigeria on SME9ja. We offer you the best deals from top suppliers of phone accessories in wholesales at reasonable prices in Nigeria. From chargers and cables to phone cases and screen protectors and a host of other accessories that are on hot demand in Nigeria, SME9ja offers you the largest online market to shop mobile phone accessories in Nigeria both in wholesales and retails.  

Types of Phone Accessories

Phone Covers and Screen Protectors:

Discover a stunning collection of mobile phone cases online in Nigeria on SME9ja. Like screen guards and screen protectors, phone cases and covers are essential accessories every mobile phone must possess if it would last long and be kept safe. Keeping your utmost interest at heart, we have brought you a vast selection of mobile phone cases for all kinds of cell phones Nigeria in an array of colors to suit your protective needs and personal taste.  
Screen protectors are a necessary accessory every phone should possess. Many smartphones today have a delicate screen and are very sensitive to touch. A Screen protector is an additional piece of transparent material (which is often film-like) that can be affixed to the screen of an electronic device in order to protect it from abrasion, scratch and other physical damages. Discover a wide variety of screen protectors for your each of your Apple mobile devices on sme9ja. Discover a host of screen protectors for your android mobile devices online on SME9ja. We offer you the widest selection of screen protectors for Android smartphones online in Nigeria.

Batteries and power banks:

It is natural that a battery comes with every package of a newly purchased mobile phone. However, the durability of this original batteries has been a major source of worry for mobile users. More often than not, it turns out that a mobile phone outlives its initial battery, in which case, a replacement becomes mandatory.  

Discover a large selection of batteries for your mobile cell phone online on sme9ja. You can shop from our vast inventory of batteries for your all brands of mobile phones like Nokia, Intel, Tecno, etc.

You can also find durable power banks to augment your battery performance. With power banks of different mAh capacity, you can shop just the best battery pack for your smartphone online on SME9ja.

Phone Cables and Chargers:

If you use an Android phone or a tablet, you will definitely have a need for micro-USB cables either to charge or as a means of connection to other external devices. Buy your phone cables and accessories online on SME9ja. SME9ja offers you a variety of phone cables wirings such as cables for charging your android devices and iPhones and cables that can connect to the TV. Anywhere in Nigeria, it is only on SME9ja that you find the best phone cable prices online.

Memory Cards and External Storage

Shop for your external memory cards in Nigeria on SME9ja. If you are the type that saves too many pictures or videos on your device, you may soon need an additional memory to the internal memory of your phone. Since most phones come with limited memory space, you can use a memory card to augment it. Find quality memory cards from top manufacturers such as San Disk, Samsung, etc., at cheap prices on SME9ja.  

Headsets and Bluetooth Speakers 
Most mobile phones come with simple earphones that produce low-quality sound, thus limiting user experience. Enjoy the multimedia capacity of your devices to the fullest with our range of quality microphones and headsets. Bluetooth headsets allow you to connect your phone to the piece of device and let you pick calls and listen to music from your from a distance.
Get quality and affordable deals from top suppliers and wholesalers on SME9ja for you varied collection of mobile phone accessories.

Buy Mobile and Tablet Accessories Online

You may not enjoy your mobile tablet to the fullest unless with some accessories. There is a long list of accessories that help you get the best out of your mobile tablet.

Mobile tablet accessories serve a variety of purposes. Some of them are protective, such as tablet pouch and casing, screen guard and cover, etc.; while some are optimizers such as charger, power bank, pen and touch devices, Bluetooth headset, cord, and so on. Others are spare or replacements, such as a battery, calibrator, in-built speaker, etc.  

Shop all tablet accessories online on SME9ja. We offer you a range of accessories from tablet casing and pouch to screen guard, tablet charger, etc. We have pouches that are sure to protect your mobile tablet from damage thereby making it safer and more durable. 

For your Samsung Galaxy Tab, we have a slew of protective pouches. We also have a full stock of generic pouches for seven and eight inches tablets and others.  

Buy Bluetooth headset for your tablet and received call or watch with greater ease. Due to size, tablets could be inconvenient for calls. But with Bluetooth headset, you no longer need to carry your tablet about when making calls.  

Discover a host of stylish protective covers on a mobile tablet on SME9ja and give your Asus Zenpad the stylish protection it deserves. SME9ja is a one-stop hub for your Asus Zenpad 3S 10 Folio Cover (Z500M), Asus Zenpad 10 TriCover and Persona Cover. Tricover comes in exquisite colors. It's interior is designed to protect the screen against starches. The cover has comes with a folding design which lets you prop your Zenpad in a suitable position for watching videos or typing on the screen.  

With the Asus Z Stylus, you can always have a better and optimized experience with your Asus Zenpad. Asus Z stylus features a slim and elegant design that feels cool and natural in your hand. Z stylus has been built to ensure accuracy and preciseness for hover function when working on popular apps like email, super note etc. Interestingly, Stylus does not require a Bluetooth connection to function and can last up to 150 hours of use or 225 days of standby time.  

Shop your phones, mobile tablets, and mobile tablet accessories online on SME9ja at affordable prices and rock your world in style. 

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