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Buy Apple Tablets on SME9ja

Discover a breathtaking inventory of Apple devices in Nigeria on SME9jA. SME9ja offers you the best deals and price list for your Apple tablets and phones. Well, Apple is known, among other things, for its exclusive price tags. Yet, by shopping on SME9ja, you can be assured to get the best Apple tablet prices in Nigeria.

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Latest Apple Tablets Online

Do you know that Apple has released its latest tablet? The new 9.7 inch iPad is the brand's newest release for 2018. This new product comes in an especially grand manner with amazing features like its 64-bit architecture, four-core design and over 3.3 billion transistors which all translate into a super fast iPad which comes handy while editing 4k video or playing graphics intensive games. With a powerful operating iOS 11, iPad has got more powerful and intelligent than ever. Besides its iOS is acclaimed as the world's largest augmented reality platform.  

Discover the latest Apple tablets online on SME9ja. We keep you abreast of the latest trends and releases by Apple by bringing them to your comfort zone as you shop on SME9ja. 

Where to Get Apple iPads in Nigeria?

Wondering where to get the best offers for Apple iPads in Nigeria? You are just in the right place. SME9ja promises the best finds of Apple iPads online in Nigeria. Our inventory of Apple iPads is filled with quality, authentic and durable iPads for your needs.  

What's more? We have created a seamless process to get cheap and reliable refurbished Apple iPads without spending more fortune than necessary. When you make your pick on SME9ja, you can rest assured that you will definitely get value for every penny you have invested in your new purchase. If you want authentic, lasting refurbished Apple iPads in Nigeria, either foreign (London use) or locally used, it could only be on SME9ja.  

Apple Tablets Specifications

Before you seal your choice of a new Apple Device, there are a few things you should put into consideration. Of course, it feels good to rock any Apple device. As long as its Apple, it is good, sleek durable and cool. However, due to the functions, you might target your device to perform, you may need to consider the specifications of each Apple tablet before settling for them.

Apple builds its iPads in two versions, with a couple of distinctive features between the same generation of Apple tablets. The first generation of Apple iPads has introduced almost a decade ago, was built-in with Wi-Fi as means of network connection and came with 16, 32, 64 GB. However, a sister version of this first generation release features other basic connection methods like 2G/3G data, as it works with a sim card.  

4th generation Apple tablets feature a larger memory option, as they come in ranges of 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB internal memory space. The 4th generation model also rocks a wider spectrum of connectivity protocols as it operates on Wi-Fi/ AT&T/ Verizon/ Sprint/ GPS.  

Apple's iPad mini comes in 4 models: iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4. Apple's iPad mini 2 comes with a Retina Display and like every subsequent release, rocked a faster Wi-Fi and a faster processor.  

With the release of iPad Pro towards the end of 2015, Apple launched yet another flash memory storage of an impressive 256gb space. IPad Pro featured both a 9.7 inch and 12.9-inch display according to each model.  

Apple iPad 2017 on SME9ja

Shop 2017 Apple iPad releases online on SME9ja. In 2017, Apple launched its 5th generation of iPads which featured a host of highly efficient iPad series: iPad 9.7- inch (Wi-Fi only/ Wi-Fi & Cellular), iPad Pro 10.5 - inch, and iPad Pro 12.9- inch. Buy 2017 Apple iPads on SME9ja and get your fair share of the exclusive digital experience shaped by the Apple technology. 

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