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Purple and White Tie Dye

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Red, Brown, Yellow Tie and Dye

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5 Yards Batik Made with Guinea Brocade

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Sample Cotton Fabric Material

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Green and Navy Blue Batik 5 Yards

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Buy Leather and leather goods on SME9ja

Buy leather and leather goods on SME9ja. The leather is a very important clothing material. It also serves a great deal of function in shoe production (leather footwear), bookbinding as well as furniture covering. Leather comes in different textures and feels, according to the desired result. It is produced in a variety of style and type. Even when leather is naturally expected to be tough, leather could be molded into the soft, buttery, silken and velvety look and feel. On SME9ja, you can find every leather solution that meets your need from our long list of online leather suppliers.  

Why leather? The leather is an amazing luxury material and its comfortability is superb when handled by experts who can deftly be molding it to a soft, supple feel. Another amazing thing with this ancient material is that leather can be molded into a variety of designs and finishes that deliver you with a supple feeling and adjust with your body temperature so that it neither feels hot or cold.  

What's more? The leather is famous for its unmatched endurance and long lifespan. According to experts, leather can withstand the wear and tear that would eat up other upholstery and can last an average of four times than fabric coverings. So, it is easily understandable that leather is one of the favorite coverings people choose for their home and office furnishings. You can shop leather sofas for your living rooms and lounges on SME9ja.  

Life isn't simply black and white. As individuals, we have personal color preferences and reservations. At SME9ja, we understand this common uniqueness in men and we have traveled extra miles to ensure that we cater for every color choice you might desire for your leather. We have an impressive catalog of leather types and colors from which you can select your taste for your home furnishings. Do you want a brilliant, luxurious sofa for your sectional living room? We can help you with the right color and leather material.  

Remember why Italian shoes are popular and command a huge market and universal respect? Because of their quality of leather of course. This explains why every man and woman wants to rock their worlds with top notch Italian leather shoes. On SME9ja, we avail you a host of online leather footwear sellers who can make your dream of quality leather shoes come true.  

Buy Home Textiles online 

Textiles are indispensable commodities to man. Without textiles, our present life may just be so unimaginable. Can you try picturing yourself outside on a sunny day without the tiniest piece of cloth on you? If you think that's utterly difficult, then you would have to appreciate the value of textile in our lives.  

Textiles serve an array of household and external purposes. However, their most common function is for clothing. Other household uses include carpeting, upholstered furnishings, table covering, bedding, window shade, etc. Outside the home, textiles are extremely useful. They are useful as tents, handkerchiefs, transportation devices, etc. In fact, they are also used for traditional crafts such as embroidery, quilting, and sewing.  

Textiles are products made of cloth or woven fabrics. Whenever textile is mentioned, what comes to mind is their most primary function which is clothing. Interestingly, however, textiles are not always limited to clothing, we also use textile for sundry reasons at the top of which is a decoration of our homes.  

Home textiles are cloths and fabrics used for home furnishings. They are amazing aesthetic elements, as they are used to adorn our homes. Home textiles are particularly attached to the interior of the house for their aesthetic purposes.  

It is a general knowledge that textiles have been used as floor coverings for many years. In recent periods, they come in two major forms: carpets and rugs. Carpets create a cozy feeling in our homes. 

Moreover, textiles and footwear also share a remarkable relationship. Textiles are used as line shoes. More than that, they are fantastic shoe uppers. With the growing trend in the production of Ankara shoes and bags, textiles got more aesthetic and productive function in the shoe-making industry.  

Buy your rugs, carpets, window shades and curtains, nice beddings, table coverings and other home textiles on SME9ja. On our vast online marketplace, you can also shop quality textile products like Ankara bag and purse, shoes, etc., with exquisite designs.  

SME9ja offers you the best deals and offers from best textile sellers in Nigeria. We avail you a direct link to trusted textile and leather manufacturers in order to let you have the best from the leather and textile industry. 

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